Enra Textile established in 1995 and started to export to EU countries especially Germany, Italy, Austria , England , Sweden and Switzerland in 2000.

Specializing in mostly in women beside the men and children knitwear,Enra has 200.000 units of Production capacity per month in new 4500 square meter indoor area.

The company carries out its operations with a dynamic and flexible structure along with a component team of professionals using up to date technology and constantly make investments for better conforming to ever increasing demands of the competitive environment and fortifying its position in shrinking markets.

Working conditions

Minimum wage, overtime, child labor laws, provisions for pregnancy, provisions for vacation and holidays, retirement benefits… They do not use any form of forced labor prison; and do not discriminate in hiring, salary, benefits, retirement on the basis of gender, race, religion or age.
Health and safety; health insurance; harassment; freedom of speech; protection of privacy… They assure a healthy working environment for protecting employee health while ensuring occupational safety in order to avoid accidents or injuries.
Environmental protection They adopt a strategy appropriate to their economic situation in order to achieve a satisfactory level of protection and comply with the applicable provisions for environmental protection. Furthermore, our partners treat natural resources responsibly in accordance with the principles of the local government regulations.